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Beauty Blogger Traffic Program

What is the blogger traffic program?


The Blogger Traffic Program is a monthly recurring program for beauty bloggers that helps you grow your traffic, audience, and brand. For every 3 (existing) blog posts you share on Upstyle, we give you a direct feature in our daily newsletter, with a link back to your blog. Bloggers in the program see an average of 2k+ clicks to their blog for every direct feature, which translates to a boost in revenue and more subscribers. 

What types of posts are you looking for?

Our goal at Upstyle is to share ideas and tutorials that help people look good and feel gorgeous! For the beauty category, we're looking for step by step tutorials of DIY skin and hair care products.


We look for posts that meet the following criteria:


​Do I need to create new content?

Nope! The beauty of the program is that you can share existing blog posts from years past so there’s no extra work required on your part!

What is a direct feature?

A direct feature is when a link to your blog post is included in Upstyle’s daily email. Our daily email goes out to just under 2 million readers, and a direct feature results in a few thousand new page views to your blog!

How often can I get featured?

You earn one feature for every 3 blog posts you share on Upstyle. You can earn up to one feature per month.

How does the program work?

  • We create a profile for you on Upstyle.

  • We choose 3 posts from your blog, email you with our selection, and then upload your 3 posts. No work required on your part!

  • You get a direct feature within about 2 weeks. You receive an email notifying you of the exact feature date a few days prior.

  • You will see the traffic in your analytics and we also provide you with a dashboard on Upstyle to view traffic to your blog.

  • We email you about 30 days later to do it all again!

Is there any ongoing commitment?

Non-whatsoever! We're pretty confident that you'll love the program and be thrilled with the traffic, but you're free to pause or discontinue at any point.

Do I have a say in the posts you choose to upload?

Of course! Our editors carefully select tutorials that we know will perform well with Upstyle readers, but we always let you know in advance what we're posting and you're welcome to weigh in and make changes.

How do I get started?

Email to request to join the program and we'll take it from there! 

By posting on Upstyle, you're agreeing to our terms of use.

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