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Ambassador Program
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Want to become an expert at pitching and closing brand deals?


Become a certified Foodtalk Ambassador &

partner with brands to showcase their products on Foodtalk.

How It Works:

Get in

This invite-only program certifies you to leverage your Foodtalk following and offer paid tutorials to brands for guaranteed exposure.

Get certified

Our 4-week training program gives you the knowledge and tools you need to confidently pitch and close deals with brands.

Grow your income!

Partner with brands to showcase their products in shoppable Foodtalk tutorials,
get guaranteed exposure from Food
talk, and get paid.


  • Receive comprehensive training in prospecting, pitching, and closing deals

  • Leverage Foodtalk’s reach to help monetize your content

  • Gain new skills in marketing, sales and communication

  • Unlimited email support and complimentary one-on one coaching

  • Grow your business and increase your revenue streams


  • Complete educational onboarding curriculum over a four week period

  • Demonstrate consistent engagement in brand outreach and pitching

  • Work independently and hold self accountable for active participation in the Program

  • Produce high quality content for publication

  • Uphold professional standards of timeliness and communication with Foodtalk and brand partners


Niky Joniak
The House on Silverado

“Working as a Hometalk Ambassador helped give me the tools and the confidence to secure brand partnerships and take my blog and small business to the next level.  The coaching, the encouragement, and the power of Hometalk's metrics were the perfect combination to help me be successful."

Lindsay Eidahl _ My Creative Days.jpg

Lindsay Eidahl
My Creative Days

“For me, I look at the Ambassador program as an amazing opportunity to offer to brands and companies. It's a win-win program all around. You get to offer a ton of exposure to the brand, you earn revenue on the post and project, and you will hopefully grow and gain some exposure yourself!”

Michelle & Stephanie _ Sunny Side Design.jpg

Michelle & Steph
Sunny Side Design

“Being part of the Hometalk Ambassador program has been an invaluable experience for us. We've gained the skills to confidently pitch to a large range of companies and have loved gaining marketing advice. Time management and organizational training have truly enabled us to track our progress as we seek out brand deals. The training and confidence we've obtained from participating in this program will continue to guide us into success for many years!”

Julie McDowell.jpeg

Julie McDowell

“As far as the experience it has been outstanding. I honestly wasn’t sure I could do this and was completely out of my comfort zone. Working with Hometalk’s professional team with all the data and support has been an exceptional experience.  Securing a campaign is like winning the lottery!”

What Ambassadors Are Saying

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