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Foodtalk Opt-In Program

What does it mean to opt-in my content?

Opting in gives Foodtalk and its partners permission to share your content and your images on Pinterest and to syndicate them (that means we add them to our library, where Foodtalk and our syndication partners will be able to pin Foodtalk’s pins created with your images to their Pinterest boards).

What are the benefits of opting in my content?

1. More visibility on your posts

2. Passive income

That sounds interesting, but how does it work?

CPM literally stands for clicks per mille (mille is 1000 in Latin). 


In this current iteration, you will earn a $1 CPM on your opted in content. That means if your post were to generate 100,000 clicks, you'd earn $100 without even lifting a finger! That's straight money in the bank 💰🏦

Who can share my opted-in content?

Foodtalk and their syndication partners.

What is a syndication partner? How do I become one?

This is just another name for our partners in the Pinterest Influencer Program (PIP). You can read more about that and sign up here!

How does it work if I opt-in my content and I'm in PIP?

You will earn both your CPM for content ($1) and your CPM for PIP ($8). 

Here's a helpful breakdown:

1. If you pin someone else's content, you earn an $8 CPM

2. If someone pins your content you earn a $1 CPM

3. If you pin your own content from the syndication library, you earn a $9 CPM (8+1)​

Note: while you'll earn for both, they will be calculated separately and will live on different dashboards.

How does payment work?

Like with our other revenue programs, payment is made via Paypal. Once you reach the required threshold of $50, we'll send you an email about invoicing with all the necessary instructions!

Do we make the pins? 

Yes and no. Pins that we share on Pinterest are created by us. This is done both to increase click-ability (lots of A/B testing involved!) and to minimize the "competition" of Foodtalk posts vs. original blog posts.


Pins that our partners share can be either the pins we create or an image from your project (the same way pinning typically works on other sites). They are not, however, creating new images when pinning your projects.

What if I change my mind? Can I opt-out?


You absolutely can! Just send us an email letting us know and we'll take care of it for you!

An important note: we can't delete other people's pins, so anything pinned while you were opted-in will remain on Pinterest and may continue to be repinned. However, once you opt-out, no new pins of your content will be made or syndicated by Foodtalk or its partners.

Want to opt-in?! Fill out this form!

Still have questions? Send me an email at

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