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Blogger Traffic Program

How does it work?


The Blogger Traffic Program is an incentive program for bloggers who regularly share high-quality content with the Hometalk community. For every three qualifying DIY tutorials you post on Hometalk, you earn a direct feature in our newsletter with a link back to your blog. Bloggers in the program see an average of 2k+ clicks to their blog for every direct feature, which translates to a boost in revenue and more subscribers. 

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What is a direct feature?

A direct feature is when a link to your blog post (not your post on Hometalk) is included in Hometalk’s daily email. Our daily email goes out to over 3M subscribers, and a direct feature can result in anywhere from 3k-12k new page views!

How to qualify for a direct feature

In order to receive your direct feature, you need to upload 3 quality posts to Hometalk to be eligible for a feature.

What is a quality post?

Our goal at Hometalk is to connect people with ideas that will inspire them to create the home they love. The best way to engage this audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them. On our end, a high-quality post is marked as "Quality Score 2."

To be considered QS2, a post must fit the following criteria

Here’s a great example of a quality, engaging Hometalk post by Amanda of Dwelling In Happiness.

Your next step is to sign up for the Blogger Traffic Program here and then create your first post. If you already have a Hometalk profile you can skip the signup step and begin posting!

For more information on how the Blogger Traffic Program works, check out our FAQ videos linked below. 

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