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2024 State of the Creator: Navigating the New Creative Landscape

Have you seen all the changes with online platforms and social media?

We know. It’s a LOT. And truth? It all can get a little overwhelming. As we navigate through 2024, the creator economy is experiencing change, innovation, and, of course, a bit of challenge. Let’s explore what’s new, what’s hot, and how we can thrive in this ever-evolving online space.

I. Subscription Models: Creating for Ourselves 

When blogging started, so many creators made money and created revenue streams by creating content for brands. Now, we’re seeing a shift towards creating content for ourselves. For example, many creators are monetizing Instagram through paid “Subscription Channels.” It’s all about building an online community and serving that online community with exclusive content that creates a loyal fanbase. Platforms like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee are game-changers, allowing supporters to tip and subscribe. One of the best examples of this is the amazing creator, India Rose Crawford, who has created a loyal following with her hand-knitted frog videos.

II. Brands and ROI: Navigating the Numbers 

In the early days of brand collaborations, there were fewer “asks” and expectations from the brands. Now, brands are all about the ROI, expecting to see a minimum revenue of 2-3 times their investment. For example, if a brand invests $2,000, the brand expects to get back at least $6,000 from the campaign. These metrics make it more challenging for creators, but it’s also an opportunity to prove value to companies and thus, develop long-lasting relationships with brands.. 

III. Creators as Start-ups: Building Our Empire

The journey of creators as business owners has evolved dramatically. In 2015, you could kickstart your online presence with just $250. Fast forward to now, and many creators start their blogs and social platforms with a minimum investment of $15,000 to $20,000 for tools, staff and courses and workshops to jumpstart the blogging journey. Creators are now start-ups. Many new creators have their own teams and help with social media from the very beginning.

IV. Rise of the AI Influencer: The Future is Now 

Have you seen the AI influencers? So many recent articles have featured AI influencers like Miquela, a “19-year-old robot living in LA” with over 3 million followers on TikTok. She’s worked with high-end brands like Prada and Burberry. Although her interaction rate is low, the concept of AI influencers like OpenAI's Sora shows the innovative paths our industry is exploring. 

V. Creator Ownership: Commanding Our Content 

Now more than ever, creators can make money by creating their own content. From digital products to consulting and online courses, the opportunities to monetize content are endless. It’s all about leveraging platforms, creating webinars, and forming membership groups to build a sustainable income. 

VI. Revenue Streams: Diversifying Our Portfolio 

According to Kajabi’s Annual Report, diversification isn’t just about having multiple revenue streams; it’s about the right mix. The study shows that creators with seven revenue streams earn significantly more than those with fewer. It's clear that diversifying income – through ads, brand deals, and beyond – is crucial for growth. 

VII. Live Shopping: The New Shopping Spree

Live shopping is transforming the way creators sell and engage. With the rise of platforms like TikTok Shop and live shopping events, sales are now happening in real-time—mostly due to customer demand for immediacy. 

Brands are offering live shopping events. Platforms are now offering opportunities for readers to purchase immediately.  That’s the future, and it’s happening now.

VIII. Creatorpreneurs: Beyond Content 

There’s a new term for entrepreneur-creators— 'creatorpreneurs'. Creators are now branching out beyond content and founding businesses and designing product lines are just the start. Brands like My Texas House, Hairitage, and Studio McGee are perfect examples of this transition, turning creative vision into entrepreneurial success. 

2024 is here and it's clear that the creator economy is more vibrant and challenging than ever. Whether it’s adapting to new revenue models, embracing the role of a start-up, or leading the charge in live shopping, the opportunities are limitless. As creators, let’s keep creating, innovating, and inspiring each other in this dynamic digital world.

Happy Creating!


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