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Creator Power Hour: June

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Are you looking for a way to stay sharp & keep current on all things Blogger Traffic Program? Your search can stop here, because we’ve started the Creator Power Hour just for you!

The Creator Power Hour sessions are monthly zoom video calls focused on answering your most important questions.

Each monthly call includes a 15 minute presentation by Amanda our Senior Community Manager about a specific topic of interest to bloggers, followed by a 15 minute window for Q&A and shared learnings.

Don’t miss your chance to brush up on the ins & outs of the Blogger Traffic Programs on the Hometalk family of sites and to ask questions or share feedback via a live Zoom call with Amanda and other bloggers.

In June, our call was focused on how the traffic feature flow works once a blogger has earned a direct feature in the Blogger Traffic Program.

We discussed:

∙How it works

∙What link is used for your traffic feature

∙When to expect a feature

Watch the June Creator Power Hour below!

Be on the lookout for our July Power Hour invite to RSVP and attend the live call!

For any questions or topic suggestions, email

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