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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - July 2023

We are diving into the heart of summer and we’re noticing hacks and DIYs to stay cool across all three sites. Get ready to make the most of this sunny season!

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Here are the trends we're seeing across the Hometalk family of sites!

Hometalk Hits

Solar Light Hacks

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with some creative solar light hacks! Our creators have been sharing brilliant ideas for repurposing and upgrading solar lights, transforming them into enchanting lanterns, pathway markers, and even colorful backyard chandeliers. On Hometalk, Melanie turned a solar light into a butterfly and statement piece in her yard.

Garden Hacks

Turn your green thumb into a superpower with some of the garden hacks trending on Hometalk. Sweet Valley Acres shows how to make the best wall planter for your space. Other popular posts include innovative watering systems, hanging planters, or DIY raised garden beds like this post from My 100 Year Old Home.

DIY Bug Repellant

Banish pesky bugs with this natural DIY insect repellent candle by Eleanor Rose Home! Our creators have been experimenting with essential oils, herbs, and other readily available ingredients to craft effective and chemical-free bug repellents. Discover simple hacks like this one from Jacqueline at Home_Reimagined that will keep those unwelcome visitors at bay, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors.

Foodtalk Faves

Spicy Bakes

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with our collection of spicy bakes. The creators on Foodtalk have been experimenting with bold and flavorful ingredients to add a fiery kick to their baked goods. From zesty jalapeño cornbread to tantalizing chili-infused cookies, these recipes will satisfy your craving for both sweet and spicy. Look at this Ancho Chili Chocolate Cake by Winnie Khamal Macbailey.

DIY Popsicles

Beat the summer heat with homemade popsicles! Our community has been buzzing with creative recipes to make refreshing frozen treats at home. From fruity delights to creamy indulgences, Jennifer Soltys from A Magical Mess has several popsicle recipes to choose from on her profile. These DIY popsicles are a delightful way to cool down and experiment with exciting flavor combinations like this Easy Root Beer Float Popsicles Recipe by Reesa from Mommalew.

Upstyle Stars

Refashioned Summer Shorts

Give your old shorts a trendy makeover with some of the refashioning tips on Upstyle! Our creators have been upcycling denim from jeans to summer shorts, Jessica Shaw shows how in this post. Get inspired by their unique designs and learn how to create one-of-a-kind summer shorts that reflect your personal style. She also has this post where she shows how iron on transfers can change a wardrobe’s look.

Hacks to Avoid Sweat Stains

Stay cool, calm, and confident with our clever hacks to avoid sweat stains. Our creators have shared their tips for choosing the right fabrics, applying antiperspirants effectively, and using natural remedies to combat perspiration. Bid farewell to embarrassing sweat stains and embrace the summer with poise. In this post, Christie Moeller shares how a pantyliner can stop sweat in 3 unexpected ways.

Wows from the Web

We’re bringing inspiration from all corners of the web. Here’s what we’re seeing trending online.

Perfect for Hometalk...

DIY Water Sprinkler

Beat the heat and create unforgettable fun with a DIY water sprinkler. Learn how to transform simple household items into a refreshing water play zone that will make a splash in your backyard. This blog post from DIY With Amy is a perfect project for keeping kids entertained and cool during the summer and all you need is some PVC pipes.

Perfect for Foodtalk...

Fruit as Dessert

Healthy and refreshing, fruit has taken center stage as the star ingredient in delicious sweet treats. From frozen fruit bars to chocolate covered fruit slices, content creators are sharing their mouthwatering recipes on various platforms including this TikTok. Embrace the trends like watermelon fries and yogurt bars, enjoy guilt-free indulgence with these naturally sweet and vibrant desserts.

Grilling Hacks

Level up your grilling game with the latest grilling hacks circulating online. As barbecue season kicks into high gear, Heather from Homemade Heather shares her techniques for flavorful grilled chicken wings in this post. Learn how to achieve the perfect sear hotdog, by trying the viral spiral hack.

Perfect for Upstyle…

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Barbie

Make your inner child happy with Barbie-inspired fashion which is trending everywhere right now. Creators are channeling the iconic doll's style to create trendy outfits and accessories ahead of the big movie’s premier on July 21st.. Discover how to recreate those glamorous looks and add a touch of Barbie-inspired magic to your wardrobe.

French Tip Hacks for Nails

Nail enthusiasts and beauty gurus are flocking to social media to share their French tip hacks. Whether you prefer a classic white tip or want to experiment with vibrant colors and patterns, this hack by @rafaelperez_ on Instagram offers endless possibilities.

Materials Worth Mentioning

Here's a quick list of items and materials our audience is loving when it comes to DIY projects & recipes. Challenge yourself to create something new using one of the materials listed below.

  • Solar lights

  • Glass bottles

  • Coal (besides grilling)

  • Pineapple

Do you have a favorite trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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