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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - June 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

June is here and with it comes a fresh wave of DIY inspiration! We’re looking for all of your summer hits to keep us cool in the upcoming warmer months! Whether you're a content creator looking for fresh ideas or simply someone who loves to dive into new hobbies, this month has something for everyone!

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Hometalk Hits

Pool Noodle Coral Reefs

Have you seen the latest trend for under the sea themed decor? DIYers are taking ordinary pool noodles and transforming them into extraordinary coral reefs for a whimsical and colorful addition to any garden or outdoor space. This fun and easy project is perfect for kids' play areas, themed parties, or just adding a touch of the ocean to your homes.

Water Features

Water features are a timeless way to add tranquility and charm to any garden. Inspire readers to create their own oasis with beautiful and soothing DIY water features. We have seen these made with a variety of materials, such as recycled containers, natural stones, or even repurposed items like old bathtubs or sinks. Take a look at Karin’s DIY Solar Water Fountain that she made using a simple planter.

DIY Outdoor Lighting

Summer is the perfect time to add some fun lighting to your outdoor space and readers are always looking for new ideas on how to do so. From solar-powered lanterns and string lights to custom-made light fixtures using mason jars or tin cans, there's no shortage of creative ideas to light up outdoor spaces. Meredith from Arts & Classy created this charming Outdoor Basket Chandelier which added some rustic charm to her outdoor space.

Foodtalk Faves

Rediscover Rhubarb Recipes

Rhubarb is making a delicious comeback this Summer so it's the perfect time to share your rhubarb recipes that go beyond the classic pie. Encourage your audience to experiment with this seasonal favorite and bring a pop of color and flavor to their dishes. If you're looking for some inspiration, these Brown Sugar Rhubarb Cookies seem to be a favourite amongst rhubarb lovers!

Summer Dinner Delights

As we head into the warmer days, Foodtalkers are loving all the summer dinner ideas that are light, refreshing and easy to make. Think vibrant salads, grilled vegetables, fresh seafood, and chilled soups. Let's help our readers enjoy more time outdoors and spend less time stressing over what's for dinner every night! This Refreshing Summer Cucumber Salad by Wren's Little Nest is the perfect side dish to go with your summer BBQs.

Upstyle Stars

Nail the Look: Summer Designs

With summer approaching, it’s time to highlight the latest in summer nail designs. Share eye-catching and fun nail art ideas that incorporate topical patterns and bright colors just like Rose shows here. Upstylers love to experiment with new trends and ways to keep their nails looking fabulous all season long.

Sun-Kissed Style: Beach Outfits

As beach season kicks off, Upstylers are looking for stylish and comfortable looks that transition effortlessly from the sand to seaside cafes. We'd love to see all of your mix-and-match tips to making versatile beach wardrobes that are both functional and fashionable. Julie shares some great ideas in her post here.

We're excited to see how you'll bring all of these trends to life on your blogs and on our sites! Let your creativity shine as you inspire your readers with these seasonal trends!

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