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How This Military Veteran Embraces Her Love For DIY

Meet our Creator of the month: Georgia from Military Wife Farmhouse Life

Georgia is a stay at home mom to two kids. She met her husband while they were both in the military and is now a veteran. They have lived all over the world due to his career and have been living in Germany since January.

Georgia loves everything vintage-farmhouse and her happy place is in a thrift store or antique store. She also loves traveling and exploring new places.

Read on to find out how Georgia focuses on the quality over quantity of her Instagram followers and how she embraces her passion for DIYing from all over the world!

How did you get into DIYing?

I have always loved DIYs. I usually get inspiration from Pinterest or from what I see in stores. I often think to myself, “I can make that for less money than what it costs in the store”. I also like to put my own flare on things and make it more personal. I would rather tell people “I made that!” instead of showing them something I bought in a store.

We move around a lot as my husband is in the military and we are currently in Germany. The base has a thrift store where I usually find the materials I need for DIYs. When I’m in the states I do like to find my materials from various stores there as it’s usually cheaper.

When did you start your Instagram page and what made you decide to start it?

I started my Instagram page in 2019 once we moved to Alaska. I really loved DIY and decor and I wanted to show how you can create your own decor instead of buying what everyone else has. I enjoyed that so I thought why not? I hoped to inspire others by showing simple projects.

I wanted to post what I liked and I obviously wanted to grow my following but I wanted it to happen organically. It has taken a long time to gain so many followers as I only wanted genuine followers who were actually interested in what I was doing.

What is your favorite type of project?

I love redoing furniture. I like finding pieces on the side of the road or at thrift stores and totally revamping it. I love adding new life to something someone else has thrown away.

How has Hometalk helped you as a creator?

I didn’t even know Hometalk existed until you reached out to me and once I looked into it, I thought it was really cool! I definitely get some inspiration from Hometalk too. I really appreciate how each post is a full tutorial with all the steps and materials you need. I know it’s time consuming for the creators but it’s so helpful for others!

If you have one piece of advice for content creators, what would it be?

Don’t compare yourself to others. It can be very negative if you’re trying to keep up with everyone else. It’s also important to have a goal. Do what you love and stick with what you know. Be yourself and don’t get wrapped up in the numbers because it can really ruin it for you.

What are your goals for the rest of the year? Are there any specific projects you would like to tackle?

To continue to make my new home like a home with the materials that I have to work with. I would also like to just continue to focus on what I enjoy doing and try to stay true to myself.

Make sure you check out Georgia's gorgeous DIYs on Hometalk and Instagram!

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