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New Beauty Category On Upstyle!

We’re excited to announce the expansion of Upstyle from DIY fashion to DIY fashion AND beauty! This means that content creators now have more ways to create qualified content for our programs by sharing beauty-related posts on Upstyle such as DIY skincare recipes, hair and makeup tutorials, and more.

What types of tutorials are you looking for?

Our new beauty category covers both beauty recipes and beauty tutorials.

Here are the main topics we cover in each category:

What types of beauty content are not suitable for Upstyle?

We’re currently not featuring product reviews on Upstyle. Product review posts will not qualify towards any of our incentive programs.

What are the posting requirements?

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your posts qualify for our programs.

How do I get started?

If you’re already posting regularly on Upstyle, you can now begin adding beauty into your content mix! If you have not yet started posting, please follow the links below to learn about our contributor programs and join today!

Questions? Please email

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