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Special Update on Hometalk Translations

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

We’re bringing DIY to more people around the world - again!

Last summer, we announced the addition of Hometalk Spanish that you can access on The site allowed us to connect our non-English speaking audience by translating some of our amazing DIY tutorials we have available on Hometalk to Spanish.

Now, we’re excited to share that we have rolled out our next phase of translations and bring you Hometalk Portuguese that you can access on!

Like Hometalk Spanish, Hometalk Portuguese will live on its dedicated subdomain for Portuguese translated content.

Readers will be able to navigate between languages via a link on the tutorial page. Not all Hometalk tutorials will be translated, but there will be an available link that indicates when there are translated versions of the tutorial available.

Navigation between translation pages

We’re so excited to continue to bring Hometalk worldwide and to keep accomplishing our mission of empowering every person to create!

As always, please feel free to reach out to your community manager with any questions.

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Hanna Ovr
Hanna Ovr
Jan 16, 2023

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