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The Best Way To Write A Tutorial That Keeps Readers Engaged

When it comes to creating viral content, presentation is half the battle.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of an engaging post structure, we created this guide to help you optimize your posts for maximum virality:


  1. Keep it simple - avoid puns & lyrics, just describe the project

  2. Pinpoint the value - Highlight the benefit of what you’ve done

  3. Include keywords - If it’s a bathroom makeover, those words should be in the title

Post Structure

This is the post structure that we’ve seen get the best results for expectation, transformation, and delivery:

Short introduction - This is the spot to tell the reader what you did and why and to invite them to find out more.

After Picture - Put a clear, beautiful shot of your finished product right at the top. This allows the reader to be impressed and intrigued to continue reading.

Introductory advice or explanation - Go into detail regarding your experience or motivation for taking on this project before jumping into the how-to.

Before Picture - Obviously, not every project will have a before picture, but this can include the object you upcycled or the materials before your crafting begins.

In-Process Pictures with accompanying instruction

Just like a story doesn’t skip chapters, your post shouldn’t skip steps. The reader should be able to understand what you did so they know how to do it, too.

Some super successful in-process pics include:

  • Get in the shot!

    • A hand doing an action (like painting, taping)

    • A person doing an action

  • Pour one out!

    • Something being poured (like vinegar, alcohol, dish soap)

  • Show and tell

    • The materials you used lined up or layed out

    • Especially the bottle of the alcohol or dish soap or vinegar out on a counter (when relevant)

    • Stacks of bricks of pavers (when relevant)

  • Under construction

    • Taped off areas, like walls, countertops, furniture (when relevant)

  • How it all started (for makeover pictures)

    • Kitchen - Before pictures framing cabinets, countertops, or backsplash

    • Bathroom - Before picture framing the toilet

    • Bedroom - Before picture framing the bed

After picture (ideally different than A) - Get them to the finish line!

Conclusion and CTA - End off with advice, a conclusion to your story, or even a good call to action to get them to engage!

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