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Image by Andrew Hutchings
Simplify YouTube Program

How does it work?


The Instagram Influencer program was designed for Influencers who post delicious and doable tutorials on their feed, enabling them to grow their following by posting their content on In exchange for posting 3 "Quality Score 2"  tutorials on Upstyle in one calendar month, we offer a monthly gift card valued at $50, features in our daily email newsletter, and a feature on our Instagram feed.

Who can join the program?

As we qualify influencers for the program, we look at the following criteria:

1. Content is food-related and suitable for the Foodtalk community

2. Passion for fashion and DIY style

3. Beautiful quality images

What is a “Quality Score 2” post?

Our goal at Upstyle is to connect people with tutorials that are inspiring and doable. The best way to engage this audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them. On our end, a high-quality post is marked as "quality score 2."

How does it work?


The YouTube Program helps video creators expand their reach, increase their video views, and grow their YouTube channel while inspiring and teaching the Simplify community how to minimize their spending, budget their expenses, and generally simplifying their lifestyle!

Our editors select videos from your channel to feature on Simplify. We then create a written transcription from your video and embed your YouTube video at the top of the post so that all of the video views go directly to your channel (see example). Your videos are featured on our website and in our email resulting in thousands of new video viewers on your channel.

What types of videos are you looking for?

Our goal at Simplify is to help people discover simple solutions to make the most out of their budgets, belonging, & homes.


Here’s what else we look for: 


Tips and advice focused on supporting a budget friendly or frugal minded lifestyle through minimalism, budgeting, decluttering, saving money, and/or saving space.

Example: 19 Things I don't Buy as a Minimalist: How to Let Go of Things by The Wandering Elf


Alternative living solutions that focus on how to maximize your space and budgets through small living. 

Example: How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Skoolie? By Mobile Dwellings

​Do I need to create new content?

No way! We select videos from your existing video library.

How often do you feature my videos?

We typically feature 2-4 videos per month

Is there any ongoing commitment?

None at all. If at any point you’d like to discontinue the program, just let us know! Please review our terms of use here.

How do I get started?

Please email to request to join the program and include a link to your YouTube channel

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