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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - December 2022

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The year is almost over, but new trends are still just getting started.

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Here are the trends we're seeing across the Hometalk family of sites!

Hometalk Hits

‘Wreath’ Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

While DIY wreaths aren’t a new concept, we’re absolutely loving the wintery twists and out of the box ideas we’ve seen this year when it comes to this holiday favorite. Readers are loving these ideas for new textures and styles when it comes to wreath decorating this year.

We are in awe of how content creator Melanie used her collection of loofahs to create this brightly lit Christmas wreath. She really cleaned them up nicely!

Who knew so much holiday decor could come from common cleaning items? Blogger Corine from Junk to Gems transformed these fluffy dust mops into the sweetest, snowy day inspired wreath.

I’ll Be Gnome For Christmas

We didn’t know so many variations of gnomes existed, but we are so happy they do! Gnome projects have been picking up appeal all year long, and this month is no exception to the trend.

Readers love a reuse and repurpose project. Blogger Donna Powell recycled toilet paper rolls into the most cuddly of gnome friends. These shelf-sitters add the perfect holiday charm to any corner.

Wren’s Little Nest showed us another great use of paper rolls. Her idea for a gnome garland was simple & easy to create and has us ready to totally gnome-ify our Christmas trees forever.

Foodtalk Faves

Festive Appetizers & Shareable Snacks

‘Tis the season to give and share.What better way to say you care than by sharing your favorite snacks and apps with your friends and family?

Right now, holiday appetizers and cheerful treats are grabbing the readers’ attention. Check out this cute Christmas tree appetizer that is as beautiful as it is tasty from Mary at Home Is Where the Boar Is. It’s almost too cute to eat… almost.

Here’s what we know. Readers love recipes that look like they took hours to prepare, but really only take a couple of ingredients and a little bit of time. Nicole at The Yummy Muffin gave readers the perfect gift with her 2 ingredient dough Christmas focaccia. The designs are limitless and holiday guests are sure to be impressed.

Unique Twists On Classic Seasonal Flavors

You can’t beat the classics… but you can come close. Add some classic seasonal flavors into your favorite recipes and taste the holiday spirit in every bite.

Niky from The House on Silverado’s baked cranberry chicken gives us the perfect, easy weeknight dinner since apparently Christmas cookies are not an acceptable dinner every night this month.

Upstyle Stars

Extra Merry Holiday Makeup & Accessories

We’re seeing a lot of love for anything extra and glamorous this year! Audiences are looking for fresh ways to sparkle & stand out at their holiday parties.

No matter your style, vlogger Lizzy Capps has all of the best ideas for festive holiday looks.

Confessions of a Refashionista had readers “wowing” with her easy, affordable, and so adorable ornament earrings.

Holiday Dresses With A Personal Touch

Readers want outfits that stand out without having to sew them from scratch or pay top dollar to achieve their ideal looks.

Make your party dress sparkle without having to sew. The DIY Designer created the most iconic and chic holiday outfit by adding just the right amount of bling to what was once a basic black dress and blazer.

Wows from the Web

We’re bringing the best of the web to you this month with examples and trends we’re seeing take social media by storm. Check out the examples we’ve added here to give you some new inspiration and add to your ideation.

Perfect for Hometalk…

DIY Window Treatments That Look Professional

Audiences are loving ways to elevate their home without the typical top dollar prices. Hacks and ideas for how to upgrade builder grade features are growing in popularity and we are loving the beautiful end results like these.

Organization Inspiration & Easy Upgrades

As readers prepare their resolutions for the new year, they are already saving ideas for how to get organized and declutter. Projects like these industrial style organizers by Faith Hope Home that help them stay on track while also blending into their home decor are exactly what they’re looking for.

Perfect for Foodtalk…

Tasty Recipes Asian Influences

We’re seeing a lot of interest when it comes to Asian inspired flavors and dishes. And with so many countries and cuisines to draw inspiration from, the possibilities are endless. This recipe roundup has some amazing recipes that readers are loving when it comes to finding new and delicious ingredients and flavor combinations.

Junk Food… But Healthy?

Healthy food is going to be on the rise after all of the holiday treats are done. Help readers curb their junk food cravings with healthy alternatives to typically less than nutritious options. This recipe for vegan hot dogs has us convinced to give more of our favorite guilty pleasures a healthier spin.

Perfect for Upstyle…

Walking Artwork

Readers are searching for ways to add their personality and individuality to even more in the new year. We’re seeing upcycles and styles like these painted jeans take off. The options for colors, textures, and designs have no limit and the results are out of this world.

DIY Bracelets That Look Store Bought

All those years of friendship bracelets have brought us here. Beads and charms are back in a whole new way and DIY bracelets like these are all the rage according to our SEO experts. There’s a big gap when it comes to DIY bracelets for a mature audience. So don’t miss your chance to fill those style needs.

Materials Worth Mentioning

Here's a quick list of items and materials our audience is loving when it comes to DIY projects. Challenge yourself to create something new using one of the materials listed below.

  • Ornaments

  • Dusters & Mop Heads

  • Lip Oils

  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

  • Beads

What trend inspired you this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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