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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - September 2023

The air is crisper, the leaves are starting to turn, and it's time to dive into exciting trends that will keep your audience engaged all month long. Content creators, get ready to infuse your projects with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of fun. From creeptacular Halloween yard decor to mouthwatering game day dip recipes, these current and upcoming trends are an invitation to captivate and inspire. Let's explore these trends that are perfect for your next project!

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Here are the trends we're seeing across the Hometalk family of sites!

Hometalk Hits

Unleash Your Inner Scare-master

As pumpkins and cobwebs begin to make their appearance, there's no better time to showcase your eerie Halloween yard décor ideas. From ghostly silhouettes to DIY spider decor like this from Ashleigh Sommer, your creative touch can transform any home into a haunted haven that's sure to delight and spook. Whether your style is cute or creepy, your followers will love turning their homes into thrilling scenes of terror.

Tidy Up with Style

Make cleaning a captivating experience by sharing ingenious household cleaning hacks. Turn organization into an art form and make chores sparkle with efficiency and creativity. Your tips can range from tackling tough stains with unexpected ingredients to creating stunning storage solutions like this Ziplock bag hack from Jacqueline at Home_Reimagined. Your followers will thank you for turning the mundane into a delightful adventure.

Foodtalk Faves

Bring the Dining Experience Home

Why dine out when you can recreate restaurant-quality dishes at home? Share tantalizing copycat recipes inspired by popular eateries. Your step-by-step guides and secret ingredient tips will empower your audience to whip up gourmet meals in their own kitchens. Readers and watchers alike were drooling over this copycat Chick-fil-a frosted lemonade. Foodies everywhere will appreciate the chance to indulge in exquisite flavors without leaving their homes.

Fall Flavors, On Your Plate

Embrace the cozy vibes of autumn by jumping into all of the pumpkin recipes. From savory roasted pumpkin dishes to comforting pumpkin pancakes like these brown sugar pumpkin pancakes from Freya Erickson, your culinary creations will celebrate the season's quintessential flavor in delightful and unexpected ways. Your audience will be inspired to savor every bite of fall goodness.

Upstyle Stars

A Masquerade of Creativity

Get ready to rock the costume party scene with a variety of Halloween costume ideas. From spooky to silly, your costume tutorials will help your followers embrace their inner chameleons. Start thinking outside the box for how you can add a pop of creativity to your costume this year like ModaMob does with this cartoon pop art look.

Revolutionize Comfort and Style

Turn undergarments into a realm of comfort and style with your ingenious bra hacks like this. Whether it's finding the perfect fit or adding a touch of elegance, your tips will empower your audience to conquer common lingerie challenges. By making the everyday a bit more comfortable and chic, you'll leave a lasting impact on your followers' routines.

Wows from the Web

We’re bringing inspiration from all corners of the web. Here’s what we’re seeing trending online.

Perfect for Hometalk...

Reflecting the Scary Spirit

Add an enchanting touch to Halloween décor with unique mirrors that bring an eerie ambiance to any space like this ghost hand mirror from Martha Stewart. From hand-painted designs to mirror mazes, your content will inspire your audience to incorporate these bewitching pieces into their homes. It's a creative way to infuse a little mystery and magic into the season.

Crafting Doorways to Enchantment

Elevate your Halloween décor with captivating archways that welcome visitors to a world of enchantment. Whether it's a haunted garden or a pumpkin portal like this one made by Macy Blackwell via Tastemade Home, your archway ideas will set the stage for a memorable Halloween experience. Your followers will be eager to recreate these spellbinding entrances at their own homes.

Perfect for Foodtalk...

Food Art: Where Taste and Creativity Collide

Turn everyday meals into edible masterpieces with the art of food presentation. From intricate pie crust creations like this to whimsical bento boxes, your content will encourage your audience to transform their dining experiences into visually stunning delights. Your guidance will help even novice chefs add an artistic flair to their plates.

Score Big with Flavor

With game day excitement in the air, it's time to serve up delectable dip recipes that will make every fan cheer. From gooey cheese dips to spicy Italian sausage sensations like this one from @badbatchbaking, your culinary expertise will make your followers the MVPs of their game day gatherings. These appetizers are guaranteed to be a hit on and off the field.

Perfect for Upstyle…

You Day 'Tomato' We Say 'TomAHto'

Unleash your creativity by exploring tomato-inspired makeup hues like these featured in Cosmopolitan. These unconventional shades will add a bold and unexpected touch to beauty routines. Share your tips and tutorials for incorporating this fiery trend into everyday looks, and inspire your audience to express themselves fearlessly through makeup.

Eyes that Mesmerize

Elevate eye makeup to a whole new level with the return of the blue mascara trend. From subtle aqua to deep navy, these shades can transform any gaze into a captivating statement. Your expertise will guide your audience to rock this unconventional trend with confidence and flair.

Materials Worth Mentioning

Here's a quick list of items and materials our audience is loving when it comes to DIY projects & recipes. Challenge yourself to create something new using one of the materials listed below.

  • Scarves

  • Pumpkins

  • Dryer Sheets

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Barbie-core inspired looks & accessories

Do you have a favorite trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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