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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - March 2023

All of these new trends have us feeling extra lucky this month!

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Here are the trends we're seeing across the Hometalk family of sites!

Hometalk Hits


The Design Twins really branched out with this project and showed us how to get a natural foliage for way less than retail. Their DIY faux trees are totally doable and beautiful … and last a lot longer for those of us who may lack a green thumb or two. Readers went crazy for this project and were ready to see more ways to create other sizes & styles of faux trees and flowers.

Spring Is In The Air

Speaking of flowers, would you have guessed that flowers are an upcoming trend for spring? Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home is a Spring Queen and her various paper flower projects like this always leave us ready to build a bouquet.

Easter goes hand-in-hand with flower arrangements, and we’re already seeing big hits with Easter related flower arrangements… Some even come with a crunchy twist like this from Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is that showed us new ways to enhance our Easter & spring decor.

Foodtalk Faves

Egg-cellent Salad Ideas

Who knew there were so many ways to make egg salad? Do you like yours on the healthier side? Packed with pickles? Extra-seasoned?

Spring and Easter is definitely the time of the egg... and boy does our audience LOVE eggs. As the weather is getting warmer, the best egg salad recipe, or best hack, or most unique twist is going to be a hit with our readers.

Easy Easter Dishes

The “E” in Easter stands for “easy”. Celebrating Easter doesn't mean everyone has the time to go to the store and prepare a bunch of dishes. We want to give our readers some low-ingredient, easy Easter ideas so anyone who's pressed for time can still celebrate.

These quick & cute brownies by Maura White are great for a sweet & simple dish. Or, make some simple deviled eggs with a fun pop of color like Debi from Our Wabi Sabi Life that are sure to make everyone think you spent all day in the kitchen.

Upstyle Stars

Claw-Clip Comeback

The 90’s called and they want their claw-clips back… but we think we will hang on to them for just a little longer. Taylor Pfeffer’s no-fail tip to stop your hair from falling with a claw-clip is our new go-to style. The Upstyle audience absolutely LOVES hair care hacks and style ideas, and the recent surge in claw-clip styles is no exception.

Timeless Looks For Mature Makeup

Makeup routines should mature with us, but some of today’s most popular makeup hacks can’t keep up with mature features. We’re seeing big spikes when it comes to content that focuses on how to get beautiful, real results when it comes to makeup for women over 50. Ideas and tutorials like this one from Look Fabulous Forever are perfect for creating a makeup artist out of anyone - at any age and skill level.

Wows from the Web

We’re bringing inspiration from all corners of the web. Here’s what we’re seeing trending online.

Perfect for Hometalk…

So Long Smelly Spaces

Home hacks are always a hit, and we’re noticing that a growing spring cleaning trend are hacks to beat bad bathroom smells. Audiences across the web are looking for frugal & easy ways to clean and freshen up their sometimes-stinky spaces without having to deep clean every day.

Perfect for Foodtalk…

You Butter Believe It

Charcuterie boards have come a long way in the last few years. Each season brings new board additions that seem even crazier than the last. Just when we were getting the hang of the butter board craze, some foodie genius said, “But what if we light it on fire?” And the butter candle was born. We’re seeing big possibilities with these bright ideas and would love to see fresh takes on homemade butter recipes and flavor combinations for the Foodtalk audience to melt over.

Perfect for Upstyle…

Tea Time

Sitting down for a cup of tea can be the most relaxing part of someone’s day and we’re seeing big interest expanding that comfort beyond the cup. Tea rinses for hair aren’t new, but they are seeing a boost in popularity. With so many combination options and benefits, audiences are looking for ways to give their hair health a boost with ingredients they most likely already have on hand.

Materials Worth Mentioning

Here's a quick list of items and materials our audience is loving when it comes to DIY projects & recipes. Challenge yourself to create something new using one of the materials listed below.

  • Beef Tallow (We’re seeing beef tallow rise in SEO popularity for beauty and food).

  • Box Springs

  • Laundry Baskets

  • Meat Substitutes

Do you have a favorite trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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