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How She Beats The DIY Burnout

How this Hometalk creator figures out the right balance between doing what she loves and accomplishing her goals.

Meet our creator of the month: Brianna Brown from Brianna Brown Designs.

Brianna is a work from home mother of three children. She is a beautician who does eyelash extensions and loves making all things look and feel beautiful. This is something you can certainly see in her work in DIY too. On her lunch breaks and weekends, she likes to decorate, DIY and renovate dollhouses.

Read on to see how she got into DIY (with no experience at all!) and manages to keep it up while juggling three kids and a job!

How did you get into DIYing?

My mother was always a crafty person and I definitely feel like she passed this onto me.

When my husband and I were first married, we bought a home and I decided to jump right in and repaint my kitchen cabinets. I didn’t know how or where to begin but I just went for it (and this was pre-Pinterest days)! These days, I just love to push myself to learn and try new things. I am constantly helping friends with things in their homes, changing up my own home, and refinishing dollhouses for others.

When did you start your Instagram page and what made you decide to start it?

I was pretty late to the Instagram game and started way after it was the “thing” to get into. I originally started out just sharing my family and little glimpses of our life, and then I wanted to share some of the projects I was doing along the way, since people were constantly asking how I made them or where I bought things.

I then decided to make my account public and my following gradually started to grow. Now that Instagram has changed so much, it just tends to grow randomly without me doing anything specific.

What is your favorite type of project?

I have no particular favorite type of project because I love all DIYs and I love to switch it up. If I only do certain DIYs I find myself getting burned out, so it is best for me to change it up and share some simple décor, or even just going from a large scale DIY project to a small and easy project.

How has Hometalk helped you as a creator?

My experience with Hometalk has been wonderful! I love that there is a place I can go and see so many amazing and inspiring DIYs with such a great community of people.

Hometalk has helped me so much as a creator because it motivates me and pushes me to keep working on more projects. It has also helped to keep me inspired and to learn from others.

You seem like you have a lot going on between your job, parenting and your DIYs. How do you balance it all?

I would love to have an answer as to how to balance it all, but I don't feel like there is one answer that fits everyone. For example, when I find myself feeling down or stressed, I am able to relax by painting but painting might be something that is stressful for someone else. So, I would say just find what makes you happy!

If you have one piece of advice for content creators, what would it be?

My advice would be to take your time and find what you love! If you love what you do and what you are working on, then it won’t feel like work at all.

What are your goals for the rest of the year? Are there any specific projects you would like to tackle?

My goals throughout this year have been to slow down and take my time on one project at a time and to not overwork myself. I’ve found that I can easily burn myself out. I do have some large projects coming up such as DIY built in cabinets, building a dividing wall, painting my island, butler pantry build, and of course more dollhouses.

It is always so great to hear from different creators about how they manage to incorporate their passion for DIY into their lives! To see more of Brianna's beautiful creations, check out her Hometalk profile and her Instagram page.

Is there a creator on Hometalk, Foodtalk, or Upstyle who you think we should highlight next?

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