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Meet the Foodtalk Instagrammer of the month!

Get inspiration and tips from your fellow Foodtalk creators in our new series, Meet The Instagrammer! This month, we're featuring Maren from Eatingworks.

1. How did you become a content creator on Instagram?

I’ve been creating recipes for my blog, Eatingworks, since 2016. I’ve been working on promoting my recipes from my blog on social media platforms since January 2020.

How gorgeous is Maren's blog? Take a peek for yourself!

2. What's your #1 tip for helping people grow their Instagram following?

Engage, engage, engage! It’s so important to engage with your following. To write thought out genuine comments on their posts or respond genuinely to comments left by them on your own posts.

Here is one of Maren's Instagram posts. See more here.

3. How has posting on Foodtalk benefited you (or your business)?

Posting my recipes on Foodtalk has benefited my business because my recipes can be promoted to a new unique audience of people.

These are some of the amazing recipes that Maren has shared on Foodtalk.

4. What type of recipes do you share on Foodtalk and what has been most popular?

On Foodtalk I have promoted all my recipes that I have shared on my blog. I have found that they have all been well received.

5. What's one thing you wish you knew starting out as a content creator that you would share as advice to others looking to grow?

It’s not a race. If you want to grow and create a genuine following it takes time and effort.

Make sure to check out Maren's amazing recipes on her Foodtalk page, her Instagram page and on her blog.

Thank you so much Maren, for participating this month!

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