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Meet the Hometalk Instagrammer: Rachel from Faith Hope Home

We love featuring Hometalk content creators on our blog so you can learn about your fellow contributors and gain some inspiration too! This month, we're featuring Rachel from Faith Hope Home!

We asked Rachel a few questions about her DIY journey and how she grew her Instagram following. Have a read to see what she has to say.

1. How did you become a content creator on Instagram?

I started dedicating my personal Instagram account to home decor and DIY shortly after the birth of my second daughter. Lots of time on the couch nursing and up during the night had me scrolling through all these beautiful accounts! Focusing on my love of decor and design also helped me maintain my identity as being more than a mom and recognizing I had hobbies and passions too.

Rachel's gorgeous dining area. Check out her Instagram page here.

2. What's your #1 tip for helping people grow their Instagram following?

Be authentic! Follow accounts you love and always interact with the connections you form, especially when someone takes the time to comment on your content. Grow relationships with your Instagram friends and learn from each other.

3. How has posting on Hometalk benefited you (or your business)?

Hometalk has been an amazing platform to document all my projects! I have generated followers to my Instagram and TikTok accounts from my posts and Hometalk has provided such great exposure for me. It’s so neat to get my daily Hometalk emails and see my projects in my inbox or log onto Pinterest and see one on my home page!

Here are some of the amazing DIYs Rachel has shared on Hometalk.

4. What type of projects have you shared on Hometalk and what has been most popular?

I love sharing all types of tutorials from holiday crafts all the way to furniture flips and home renovation projects. My most popular DIY’s on Hometalk include painting and stenciling my bathroom floors and transforming our flat, 1970’s style front door.

How beautiful is Rachel's bathroom? Love those stenciled floors!

5. What's one thing you wish you knew starting out as a content creator that you would share as advice to others looking to grow?

Don’t compare yourself to others! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the social media world and be envious of follower counts or beautiful homes you see on your feed. Working on your home isn’t a race. Be proud of what you have accomplished and what’s inside your front door!

Make sure to check out Rachel's amazing DIY projects on her Hometalk page and on her Instagram page.

Thank you so much Rachel, for participating this month!

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