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Meet the Influencers of the month: Cabi Addicts

This month we are featuring four ladies Angie, Erika, Megan, and Susan who form the group on the Cabi Addicts Instagram page. They have been a part of Upstyle since January this year and we have all loved seeing their posts each month! Check out their page on Upstyle to see all of their fantastic outfit ideas.

Read on to learn how they started their Instagram page and how they manage to stay on top of the social media game.

How did you become a content creator on Instagram?

We are a group of friends who began an “outfit of the day” Facebook page several years ago with a focus on @cabiclothing, our all-time favorite brand. Our desire was to reach a wider audience and share our collective fashion tips and outfit ideas as well as little glimpses into our personal lives, so Instagram seemed to be the logical next step. Because we are a group of ladies with different interests and occupations, as well as having all sorts of body types and fashion styles, we have a lot to offer!

What’s your #1 tip for helping people grow their Instagram following?

This is so hard to answer, because we believe there are TWO crucial elements when it comes to building an Instagram community; but they do go hand in hand. Regular posts are a must - AND - you must be genuine. Followers will begin to connect with you once they see you day after day after day… so consistency is absolutely key. But while consistency creates the initial connection, followers will only stay if you’re authentic. So, in a phrase: Know who you are, and be that...often.

How has posting on Upstyle benefited you (or your business)?

Meeting new people and finding new inspiration is always a benefit! As much as we love fashion, relationships are always the key for us - and there are SO many great people in this community! We are SO happy to be here!

What type of posts have you shared on Upstyle and what has been the most popular?

Our most popular posts have been tutorials that teach a skill and those that show how to wear clothes in ways that some people may tend to shy away from (for example, How to dress up joggers). Hopefully we are able to help people find or elevate their style, and provide them with the confidence to try new things.

What’s one thing you wish you knew starting out as a content creator that you would share as advice to others looking to grow?

Social media is constantly evolving so there is always a learning process, especially if you aren’t doing it as your primary job or activity. We have a unique approach because we are a group, not just an individual on our account. We are able to contribute content from our varying ages and backgrounds. We tap into all of our creativity and most of all have fun while doing it.

If you would like to connect or see more of Cabi Addicts, check out their Upstyle profile or Instagram page. Thank you so much Angie, Erika, Megan, and Susan for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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