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Meet the Instagrammer: Angie from Picked and Poshed

We love featuring Hometalk content creators on our blog so you can learn about your fellow contributors and gain some inspiration too! This month, we're featuring Angie from Picked and Poshed!

We asked Angie a few questions about her DIY journey and how she grew her Instagram following. Have a read to see what she has to say.

1. How did you become a content creator on Instagram?

I started out by painting furniture and sharing my upcycled furniture on Instagram and it evolved from there.

2. What's your #1 tip for helping people grow their Instagram following?

Be consistent and post things that speak to what your style is.

3. How has posting on Hometalk benefited you (or your business)?

Sharing my projects inspires others and they just may want to follow along with my projects.

4. What type of projects have you shared on Hometalk and what has been most popular?

I share mostly my painted furniture but there are a couple accent walls as well that have been popular.

5. What's one thing you wish you knew starting out as a content creator that you would share as advice to others looking to grow?

Stay true to your style even if it isn’t for everyone. You never know who you may inspire.

Make sure to check out Angie's amazing DIY projects on her Hometalk page and on her Instagram page.

Thank you so much Angie, for participating this month!

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